school fees

Full day Term Fees            

160.000 UGS - per term
Full day 8am to 8pm 400.000 UGS - per term
Half day 8am to 4pm

457$ - per term

Registration fee

    8$   (non refundable)


175$ - per month

age                                 3 months - 3 years ald

I believe these standard terms and conditions reflect the custom and practice in CHILD MINDING services whilst providing full time day care.
The rules about notice and payment of fees are designed to promote stability, assist forward planning and proper resourcing of the CENTRE. To enable us to provide and maintain the highest standards of care we require all parents and Guardians to be aware of, and abide by, the following Conditions:
To register your child at the centre, a non refundable fee of 20,000 Ugs /= is payable for each child. All FEES are charged on term basis, on the first day of the term. The fee is due regardless of the number of days in the month/term. Fees are payable during periods of absenteeism due to illness or weather conditions as well as statutory holidays or any personal vacation time that falls within the term dates.
If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child a minimum of one term’s notice is required. The fees are charged on term basis calculated on the 30 days of the calendar. The term fees are standard fee that covers 3 months per term. Term system falls with in the Ugandan education calendar. Special arrangements are 
done for Parents who need holiday programmes, as per school calendar.
The fees structure includes all the child care facilities and first aid.Prices quoted per child per term covers full day 8am-8pm and half day 8am-4pm. The meals incur an extra charge. The meals are prepared fresh daily and the costs are based on the weekly menu. Breakfast, lunch and tea or prefer Dinner.
I cater for special diet and adhere to Religious request on what is appropriate. Allergies to nuts, eggs, milk, and chocolates have to be written down to keep in our records.
The opening hours are Monday – Friday Fullday 8 am- 8pm and Half day 8am-4pm.